Joaquim de Almeida made an appearance in Dubai this week as an Ambassador for Sacoor Brothers while promoting his new movie

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Hollywood actor Joaquim de Almeida was in Dubai this week as long-time ambassador for premium fashion brand Sacoor Brothers, who are launching the first of three themes for their FW2017 collection. Almeida was also promoting his new movie ‘The Hitman’s Bodyguard’, which is currently playing in theatres across the UAE, starring alongside Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson.

Looking his best in the new Fall Winter 2017 collection, Almeida took the time to discover the UAE, visit the Sacoor Brothers store in Dubai Mall, and share his passion as an ambassador for the brand. Speaking about his first trip to Dubai, Almeida says, “I am exceptionally impressed by how cosmopolitan the city is, by the warmth of the people, and by the amazing hospitality. The Sacoor Brothers collection in Dubai is also far more vast. I think this is because it caters to such a varied clientele, and because of the extended summer climate. I was also lucky enough to have been hosted by the One & Only Royal Mirage, and to have visited the traditional souks of Dubai, rode the ‘abra’, and toured the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. I have never seen anything like it.”

The prolific Portuguese actor has starred opposite Harrison Ford, Salma Hayek, Gene Hackman, Antonio Banderas, and Owen Wilson to name but a few; and his infamous characters along with his innate sense of stylish elegance led to his successful collaboration with Sacoor Brothers for 20 years. Almeida and the brand complement each other profoundly. Both proud of their Portuguese heritage, they embody classic chic while simultaneously encapsulating modern styling. The Sacoor Brothers story itself could easily be adapted to the big screen. After establishing an exclusive fashion store in the heart of Lisbon in 1989, the four brothers began building the brand. From humble beginnings and with a consistent focus on heritage, style, and quality, these core values have propelled Sacoor Brothers to the forefront of the fashion industry. Almost three decades later, they now have over 100 stores, in 13 countries, across 3 continents.

These European flourishes still permeate the culture of Sacoor Brothers. Customers are still treated to an espresso when entering the lounge of each store, and an homage to their heritage can often be spotted across fashion collections, combining modernity with timeless designs and elegant references to past decades, many of which can be seen in Sacoor Brothers new collection, which takes inspiration from the cosmopolitan spirit of cities like New York. The mood of this collection is defined as modern, with details that make the difference.

Joaquim de Almeida could also be described as a stylish and contemporary version of a classic. His ability to speak six languages along with his distinctive raspy voice, thick accent, and suave sophistication enables many of his characters to hearken back to the past, from antagonistic villains in Hollywood, to the eccentric protagonist, Sherlock Holmes, in Brazil.

“It has been my honour to be a part of the growth of Sacoor Brothers for a large part of my career,” says Almeida, “and it is something I hope will continue long into the future.”

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