Goodbye Flashback! Hello Photo Focus™,

The first wet n wild® line for the face that helps eliminate the flash effect

The make-up for a perfect shot! The age of the selfie and photos with friends is right at its height, and the temptation to immortalize every moment with a snap is never far off… so what if we could make every shot perfect?

With the Photo Focus™ line, you’ll never fear the flash again. The products in this range – Photo Focus™ Pressed Powder, Photo Focus™ Foundation and Photo Focus™ Concealer – have been tested in a variety of lighting conditions (7), with impeccable results!

Unlike normal products, whose white particles reflect the light, creating a flash effect on the face, the Photo Focus™ products boast an anti-flash, light-adjusting technology that guarantees a matt effect and helps to diffuse the light.


Your skin can look better than ever!

The new foundation for perfect skin has been carefully tested on photos taken specially for this purpose in 7 different lighting conditions, to verify the flawless make-up effect.

The special formula, with a compound that diffuses the light, reduces reflection to a minimum, guaranteeing a matt effect for perfect skin.



  • Innovative, long-lasting, high-performance formula with light-adjusting pigments
  • Compound that adapts to the light, preventing the whitish look that can spoil photos
  • Tested in seven different lighting conditions, with and without flash
  • Free from oils, parabens, sulphates and fragrances.

Shades: 6


  • Classic Beige
  • Rose Ivory
  • Amber Beige
  • Soft Ivory
  • Nude Ivory
  • Golden Beige



Natural in every light!

The perfect ally for your make-up… and your smartphone.

A pressed powder with pigments that spread the light across the skin, with a fine layer of silky perfection for a natural look both in everyday life and in your photos.

Apply it directly to the skin, or on top of Photo Focus™ foundation, for a flawless effect.


  • Fixes make-up with an incredibly soft, satin finish
  • Reduces shine on the skin during the day
  • 3 shades for all complexions


Complex polymers aid application, while the nylon and silicone enhance the silky effect.

The light formula guarantees a natural light and a flawless finish.

Oil-Free, Gluten-Free and Fragrance-Free.


  • Warm Light
  • Natural Beige
  • Golden Tan




Along with Photo Focus ™ Pressed Powder and Foundation, this bright, creamy concealer enhances the natural beauty of the face, for a 100% photo-proof make-up!


In short? Instantly lights up and perfects the appearance of the skin, by concealing blemishes and dark marks.


  • Tested to prevent the whitish look in photographs taken in 7 different lighting conditions
  • Minimizes imperfections
  • Its complex polymers aid application, while the Chamomile flower extracts help improve the appearance of dry, dull skin. With vitamin E to improve consistency and maintain the right level of moisture
  • Gluten-Free and Fragrance-Free.

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