Lebanese Queen of Stage Myriam Fares to perform live at Global Village

Dubai, 17 January 2018: Myriam Fares, one of the most popular Lebanese pop artistes will perform live on the Main Cultural Stage at Global Village on Friday, 19th January 2018. An accomplished singer, dancer and entertainer, Myriam has released five albums to date and boasts hits in three main Arabic dialects – Lebanese, Egyptian and Khaleeji.
Myriam’s popularity was endorsed by Arab audiences when she set records with online music streaming services for the most played artist and most played album in the Arab world for her fifth album ‘Aman’, which was released in 2015. She has a penchant for creatively mixing music genres and her music videos serve as vehicles that demonstrate her acting skills. She made her acting debut with ‘Itiham’, a TV series that was aired in 2014. She is known for her imaginative style of entertainment, her outlandish choice of wardrobe and expressive dance style and is compared with Colombian pop star Shakira.
Myriam will regale guests at Global Village with several of her top hits including Nifsi Aoulhalak, Mosh Ananeya, Moukana Wein, Kifak Enta and Degou El Toboul. Fares’s first album, ‘Ana Wel Shouk’, was released in 2003, followed by ‘Nadini’ in 2005, ‘Bet’oul Eh’ in 2008 and ‘Min Oyouni’ in 2011.
Global Village’s concerts series is continuing every Friday of Season 22 at 9pm on its signature Main Cultural Stage. All concerts are included in the price of Global Village’s entry tickets for AED 15.
Global Village is the first family destination for culture, entertainment and shopping in the region. Since its inception, it has embodied different aspects of the world and created a smile on the faces of millions of guests every season. It is a unique and integrated destination to enjoy the world’s finest shopping, dining and entertainment experiences and offers guests a wide range of events, shows and activities that are the largest and most varied in the region. It offers many fun surprises to millions of guests in the open air. It highlights the best of culture from countries of the world in a lively festival and takes guests on a journey through a group of pavilions, each representing the richness and culture of a different country. It offers unique international cuisine and awe-inspiring entertainment experiences across a wide range of entertaining games and interesting tours. All its exceptional experiences can be enjoyed by purchasing a ticket worth only AED 15. The Global Village operating season starts in November each year and runs until April the following year.


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