ADEK Successfully Concludes Innovator 2018 Initiative and the Abu Dhabi Science Festival


  • Six teams of students win the Innovator 2018 distinctive project as part of the UAE Innovation Month 2018 closing ceremony
  • 100 innovations and 33 interactive workshops organized in Abu Dhabi and the Al Ain Region
  • 7,600 students and 60,000 attended the various activities in Abu Dhabi and the Al Ain Region
  • Awarding distinctive project winners for Innovator 2018
  • Over 100 teams made up of over 300 innovators at Innovator 2018



Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates, 8th February 2018:

The Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) honored six teams of students for winning the Innovator 2018 distinctive project as part of the closing ceremony for the UAE Innovation Month 2018 in Abu Dhabi, which was held on Wednesday 7th February 2018 at the Abu Dhabi Corniche.


Abu Dhabi’s activities during the first week of UAE Innovation Month were a reflection of the success of the nation in encouraging innovation, creativity and positive competitiveness, through the various innovative winning projects as well as the public and private entity presence, which all took place in the presence of over 60,000 attendees from February 1st to 7th 2018 on the Abu Dhabi Corniche.

H.E. Dr. Ali Al Nuaimi, ADEK’s Chairman, praised the tremendous role of the nation’s leadership in encouraging innovation and creativity amongst its government institutions and the community, and highlighted the importance of the UAE Innovation Month, and the strong belief of the leadership in enabling the nation’s development and advancement through innovation, noting the UAE Strategy for Artificial Intelligence as a testament to keeping up with the global digital evolution. H.E said that innovation comes as the forefront of the nation’s priority to instill a spirit of innovation and creativity amongst the community to support its journey towards establishing a knowledge-based economy.


H.E said, “It is with pride that we conclude Innovator 2018 and the UAE Science Festival, and the inspirational innovations and invention submitted by our young Emiratis; we believe they will play a significant role in contributing to the advancement of the country in multiple fields, including science and technology.”


H.E. confirmed that the UAE Innovation month has become one of the most important global initiatives supporting creativity and innovation, highlighting the key role it’s playing in reinforcing the UAE’s position on the global map. The dedicated initiatives play a key role in attracting the younger generation to scientific disciplines, including science, mathematics, and engineering, in an innovative, engaging, and student-friendly way as it integrates interactive experiences that impart knowledge beyond the classroom.


“ADEK is adopting a mission to build a community that is based on knowledge, creativity and innovation under which it’s launching new initiative. The objective is to embed a culture of scientific research as a state of mind amongst students. In parallel, ADEK is creating a system to enable a sustainable environment of innovation for the next generation, to support the national efforts in transitioning towards a knowledge society; this can be achieved by developing the research capabilities of talented students and nurturing them to continue to thrive and turn their creative ideas into a reality,” H.E continued.


H.E thanked all those responsible for the success of the UAE Innovation Month in Abu Dhabi, the government agencies and the private sector entities for their cooperation with ADEK and participation in this event. Abu Dhabi has achieved a remarkable level of organization and creativity, delivering a tangible and a significant platform for investing in the country’s youth.


The six winners who won based on categories, includedHome Furniture From Empty Water Bottles as part of the Arts and design category; Irrigation Water Saver as part of the winning innovation project within sustainability and life science; Smog and Fog Prevention within the robotics and electronics category; the Parking Assistance and Warning Systemwithin the automotive, mechanics and digital fabrication;  the Bird Detection and Deflection Safety System for Aircraft as part of the aerospace category and the  Indoor Garden and Play Area   as part of the People’s Choice category.


Speaking about their achievement during the event, the team of students from the People’s Choice category who won for their Indoor garden & Play area project said, “We are grateful for this wonderful experience. We had great exposure to various inventions at Innovator 2018 and have learnt how to collaboratively work as a team. Thank you ADEK for allowing us the opportunity to participate in this event!”


The Art and Design, Home Furniture from Empty Water Bottles team added that “Winning is an indescribable feeling and we did not expect the result. But after a lot of effort and hard work we succeeded. With determination, the impossible can be achieved.”


Automotive, Mechanics and Digital Fabrication, Parking Assistance Warning System said: “We would like to thank the organizers of the event and the UAE for giving us this opportunity to present our project to the audience. We are very excited to develop this project further and we are really proud of this accomplishment.”


Apart from the winners announced during the closing ceremony, ADEK celebrated its long strategic successful initiatives related to the UAE Innovation Month 2018 through pivotal projects such as Innovator 2018; the Abu Dhabi Science Festival; the week-long interactive program as part of lema? in Abu Dhabi, the Al Ain and the Al Dhafra Regions and theProgram Your Idea competition due to take place in Abu Dhabi during the UAE Innovation Month.


More than 100 innovators from all over the country, participated in the Abu Dhabi’s initiatives for the UAE innovation month, who showcased over 100 diverse innovations, with 25 government and private entities presenting unique inventions. The event was complemented with 27 science workshop. Special school visits were organized for students to familiarize themselves with the event. While in Al Ain, 600 students in school trips and 8,000 visitors from different backgrounds and nationalities attended six interactive workshops organized at three shopping malls. The lema? Program attracted over 16,000 students in its various interactive activities and programs.

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