Level Shoes Launches SWEAR Exclusively in the Middle East

SWEAR presents its most recent collaboration with KiNG; artist, designer and producer from Japan. Known for her unique customisations, SWEAR partnered with KiNG on a capsule collection inspired by old Japanese customs, ornaments and superstitions.
Trained sculpture and artist turned customization designer. Known for incorporating an architectural approach to her designs, KiNG has designed a unique capsule for SWEAR. Taking inspiration from her childhood and old Japanese customs. Her collection features luxe metallic detailing.
“I incorporated old Japanese customs, and traditional designs, such as superstitions and seasonal ornaments. My grandmother’s stories from when she was young influenced me greatly.” KiNG
Dubai, United Arab Emirates (November 28, 2017) Level Shoes, global leading footwear retail concept store exclusively launches London-based SWEAR, the world’s first truly customisable luxury sneaker.
Since its inception in 1997, SWEAR has established itself as a synonym for personal expression. Born out of the desire to offer something different to the artists and trailblazers during the shapeshifting 90s and 00s music and culture scenes, the sneaker brand’s hybrid footwear has been continually appropriated by all those yearning for individuality. After thirty years of creating counter-culture cool, SWEAR is evolving its ability to make people stand out from the crowd with the launch of two customisation offerings, JUST DROPPED and CUSTOMISE 360.
Building upon the foundations of three decades of sneaker design, innovation and craftsmanship, SWEAR democratises design by passing the power to the people. With boundless options and seemingly limitless potential, customers can create their own personalised sneaker out of materials ranging from nappa leather, suede and hairy calf to exotic materials including crocodile, python and ostrich. From the accessible MADDOX in nappa built in JUST DROPPED right up to the opulence of the BOND in crocodile designed in CUSTOMISE 360, there is an option for everyone.
It’s a real first. It’s about changing customer behaviour. It was e-commerce in the 90s and 00s, the next wave is customisation and democratising it. Within haute couture, you’ve been able to customise and make-to-order for a long time but this is about access. We’re giving a global audience access 24/7 to create a luxury product that is truly theirs. This for me, links back to the old days of Swear when it was all about pushing boundaries. Launching in the Middle East with Level Shoes marks an important milestone for SWEAR. We know the Middle Eastern customer truly appreciates the art of personalisation” Mario Muttenthaler, Managing Director SWEAR.

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