All Star Voice Cast Assemble for Wes Anderson’s Latest Stop-Motion-Animation “Isle of Dogs”

Releasing across UAE Cinemas on the 10th May 2018, the tribute to man’s best friend; Isle of Dogs follows a boy’s search for his lost dog accompanied by a pack of misfit canines!

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, April 2018 – Isle of Dogs is a stop-motion-animated film crafted by a team of creative geniuses and written and directed by Wes Anderson and will be out in cinemas throughout UAE on the 10th May.


The animated film journeys through an outbreak of canine flu in Japan which leads all dogs to be quarantined on an island. A boy (voice of Koyu Rankin) journeys there to rescue his dog Spots (Liev Schreiber), and gets help from a pack of eccentric canines who have also been exiled. His quest inspires a group of dog lovers to expose a government conspiracy. The voice cast also includes Bryan Cranston, Edward Norton, Bill Murray, Scarlett Johansson, Tilda Swinton, Bob Balaban, Greta Gerwig, and Yoko Ono.

The resulting journey is packed with humor, action and friendship. But on its trek, it also pays homage to the epic scope and beauty of Japanese cinema, to the noble loyalty of canine companions, to the hopeful heroism of the small and the overlooked, to the rejection of intolerance and most of all to the unbreakable boy-dog bond that has launched countless escapades.


“We wanted to do something sort of futuristic. We wanted a pack of alpha dogs who were all the leader. And we wanted to live in a land of garbage,” says Anderson. “The Japanese setting came entirely because of Japanese cinema. We love Japan, and we wanted to do something that was really inspired by Japanese movies, so we ended up mixing the dog movie and Japan movie together.”


Isle of Dogs is something different again, a world-building story that, by its very nature, breaks animation norms and, as Dawson notes, brings together all the themes, shots, emotional intricacy and adventurousness of perhaps Anderson’s most ambitious filmmaking to date. From the intricate puppets and micro-sets arises this living, breathing realm of cold-nosed questers whose plight is intimately relatable. The feel is of a whimsical legend but the grounding is in the real concerns, big and small, of modern life: friendship, family, humanity’s future and coming together to clean up our messes.


Facts and Figures:


  • Production Included: 44 Shooting Units across five shooting stages totalling a space of over 5,000 square metres / 54,000 square feet including office space.
  • There are 850 shots in the film. 76 contain 2D animation as well as stop motion.
  • There are 144,000 still frames shot to create the 100 number of minutes of the film’s duration.
  • Total data for all raw files on our server is 34 TB // rendered files are 41 TB
  • 12,920 Wes notes added to our database
  • The longest shot in the film is Chief’s golf course monologue which lasts: 80 seconds (1929 frames.)
  • The longest shot to animate took 15 weeks (107 days), across three different animators, and a guest animation supervisor Brad Schiff.
  • The largest set was 9 metres long and the smallest smaller than the size of an iPhone.
  • Number of puppets made: 1097. Over 500 humans and 500 dogs.


  • The puppets come in five scales which we call: Oversized (for close ups), Large, Medium, Small, and X-Small for extreme wide shots.
  • The largest puppet creation was the Oversized mouth for Spots which was 3.5 feet long. The smallest puppet was 15 mm. The largest character is Major Domo who is 22.7’’ tall.
  • Atari’s hair is hand punched and takes two days per head to fully hair. His eyebrows are individually hand applied with tweezers.
  • Each hero puppet took roughly 16 weeks to make. Perfecting Nutmeg’s puppet alone took over six months.
  • The human characters have up to 53 individually sculpted faces for their various expressions. Each also has up to 48 replacement mouth plugs for the different phonemes of dialogue. Each is individually sculpted and hand painted. Over 3000 of these faces and mouth plugs were made throughout the film.
  • Each Tracy face contains 321 freckles. These are hand painted by eye to match a master face – in total across the various scales, and multiple faces of Tracy’s character, the paint team had to hand paint a total of 40,000 freckles.
  • 240 sets designed and built.

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