This Ramadan, Emirati visual artist Khalid Mezaina infuses heritage and culture in the form of modern art throughout Karak House

The authentic home-grown Emirati restaurant with a modern flair, has teamed with award-winning Emirati visual artist, illustrator and graphic designer Khalid Mezaina – celebrated for his interpretation of Emirati culture merged through art – to create bespoke designs for Ramadan 2018. The designs are expressed throughout the restaurant, including a bespoke design for Karak House’s signature karak cups and other in store elements, including expressive artwork on the exterior of the restaurant as an artful welcome to Iftar and beyond, allowing the guest to truly experience this visual collaboration. Launched in celebration of Ramadan, the Khalid Mezaina designs will also be part of all Karak House events taking place during the month.

Karak House is proud to explore its heritage and, with an eye to the future, has launch this as an initiative to raise awareness of art and cultural expressions of talented Emirati designers and artists. Throughout 2018 Karak House will unveil new artist collaborations celebrating the UAE’s creative and artistic talents across a variety of mediums. Khalid’s art is adorned with fun and playful Emirati emblems that effortlessly blend modern and traditional Ramadan symbols, including; a lantern, a palm tree, a mosque, an Arabic coffee cup and an antique style pot. The launch of this initiative has commenced with the commissioning of artwork by Khalid Mezaina – a graduate in Visual Communications from the American University of Sharjah with full-time placements in art organizations, including the Sharjah Art Foundation and Tashkeel in Dubai – to add his personal touch and designs to the reminiscent flavours and modern home grown experience at Karak House.

Together, they are a partnership that celebrates the culture, creativity and expression the UAE has to offer as the sun sets in Dubai.

“Karak House, a young Emirati brand, and Khalid a young, successful Emirati artist, were a perfect profile match for the launch of this initiative. The same way that Karak House is inspired by traditional dishes presented with a modern flair, Khalid’s artistic and creative approach to his designs embrace historical customs and adapt it to tell today’s story. His designs represent UAE, the ‘melting pot’ of cultures, and Karak House is proud to celebrate his style as part of our guest experience,” explained Tyrone Reid, CEO of Alabbar Enterprises.

Khalid Mezaina explained, “I was very intrigued to collaborate with a homegrown brand and to see my design project becoming part of a daily experience at Karak House. The design is an illustration of the endearing concepts of Ramadan and it was a joy to bring it to life via this collaboration. I hope diners at Karak House enjoy the design as their sip on their signature Karak Chai’s.”

To enjoy Khalid Mezaina’s limited edition design, visit Karak House, located on Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard near Al Manzil Hotel, Downtown Dubai open daily from Iftar until 3 am during Ramadan and from 8 am to 12 am on regular days.

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