How to get the beach body you have always dreamed of for the summer holidays

With summer in full swing, beach season is most definitely upon us. If like most of us you are looking to lose some body fat and get in shape looking and feeling the very best version of yourself, Reform Athletica are on hand to offer you a brand-new body blitz that will give you a new-found confidence, courtesy of their exciting new classes on the fitness block. Regardless of your fitness level, the low impact Reform Method class takes you on a 50-minute journey of intense strength and conditioning exercise that incorporates some Pilates-inspired movements performed on the latest Lagree Megaformer from LA. Focusing on core strength, muscle toning and flexibility, this high intensity class provides a full body workout so is ideal if you are looking to tone up before hitting the beach or pool this summer and beyond. To keep you motivated and to ensure you get the most out of your class, the Reform Method is taught in a high-energy atmosphere with energizing music and lots of good vibes!


As with the Reform Method, the second option to choose from, the TRX Athletica is suitable for all fitness levels with the brand’s philosophy of accessible fitness for all. Make sure you wear your most athletic trainers and power on through this high intensity class that is both challenging and energizing. Again, with a focus on the whole body, you needn’t worry you are neglecting any muscles as this workout has you covered. With a focus on athletic conditioning, the TRX suspension trainer is at the centre of the workout with bodyweight drills and other tools that will challenge you beyond your comfort zone and ensure maximum calorie burn and development, leading to lots of happier, body confident days ahead.


Dina ElShurafa, Founder of Reform Athletica, shares some of her top tips to guarantee you look and feel your best on the beach this summer:


Top Tips:


Ø  Mix up the workouts: You have to constantly be challenging your body in order to see results. If you’ve been doing the same exact routine for more than 4 weeks and running the same 5k you usually run every few days, you need to consider coming up with something new and more challenging. The body, like all of us, gets used to the routine so if you don’t keep surprising your body, it will stop responding!

Ø  Incorporate full body strength training: Depending on your body type, doing more weight training may accelerate the ideal beach body you’re looking for! Weight training and TRX training can help tone your legs, glutes arms and core giving that ideal beach body you’re looking for. Muscle burns calories so it will lean you up and give you that look you’re looking for. Make sure to do some cardio to fast-track your weight training effects!


Ø  You are what you eat: No matter how much exercise and weight training you do, if your underlying diet is not right, then your hard work will be in vein. Stay away from sugar because the more sugar you eat, the further away you are from those engaged abs you’ve always dreamt of. Opt for more protein after workouts and if you’re craving a treat, reach out for fruits or some dark chocolate. Remember you can’t outrun your fork!


Ø  Water, water, water: Staying hydrated is key to shedding weight but also maintaining any weight loss you’ve achieved. Have a large glass (or at least half a litre) of water as soon as you wake up and not only will that help in curbing your hunger, but it will also kick start your body’s internal system which will keep you regulated! Water is calorie and sugar-free so swapping other drinks for water in the run up to summer is a great way to keep calorie in takes in check.


Ø  Try intermittent fasting: I am a huge believer in fasting and I find that it is a great way to detox and rid your body from the toxins we subject ourselves to on a daily basis. The 5:2 diet (where you eat normally for 5 days and limit your intake for two days to 500 calories) is a great way shed some unwanted weight prior to the holidays. Those two days will force you to rethink your grande caramel macchiato in the morning and those unwanted afternoon snacks, so fast away!


Visit Reform Athletica in the lead up to summer and challenge yourself. Enjoy feeling fitter, healthier and full of confidence as you hit the beach on your holidays this year.


No prior experience is required for any class, and with a brand philosophy of accessible fitness for all, whether you are a beginner, advanced or somewhere in-between, there really is something for everyone.


Classes start from AED 130.  With packages available, including a 40-class package for 4,200 AED that is valid for 12 months.


To find out more visit or follow on Instagram at @reformathletica to keep up-to-date with the latest news.

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