Abu Dhabi: The island Kingdom of the Sheikhs

The Emirate Abu Dhabi was founded on an island, surrounded by a mangrove belt. In the meantime and many skyscrapers and artificially created islands later, the town has become one of the world’s most modern metropolises. To ensure that the inhabitants of the sea are not in danger of losing their environment due to this turbo growth, Nathalie Staelens has been brought in. The Belgian environment engineer has the task of relocating hawksbill turtles to Saadiyat Island. In doing so, she often requires the services of the lifeguards. She knows that every call means a safe turtle! Mohammed Hamid arrives at the Al Ain oasis shortly before sunrise in his mini transporter. A dozen dromedaries crowd around the loading area. Mohammed wants to sell them at the largest camel market in the entire Emirates. Every day, around 1000 animals change hands here and buyers and sellers haggle prices until the sun goes down again. Even more sought after are the animals that Abdullah Alnher has on offer between the camel boxes: falcons. For the Emiratis, these ani-mals are the number one status symbol – more so than cars, yachts and jewellery.

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