Salvatore Ferragamo Hybrid The men’s shoes that defy categorization

Salvatore Ferragamo presents Hybrid, a new line of men’s shoes that eclipses the established boundaries of masculine footwear. Combining the most appealing attributes of multiple genres, Hybrid is the footwear choice for a 21st Century man who himself defies definition. The apparent paradox of a shoe that features both progressive elegance and profound comfort empowers its wearer.
Paul Andrew, Creative Director of Salvatore Ferragamo, said: “With Hybrid there is no need to sacrifice either the versatility and flexibility of sneakers or the formality and heritage of bench-made traditional men’s shoes. That’s because our inaugural Hybrid styles combine the best of both shoe families to create a new upgrade on both.” The inaugural Hybrid proposals are divided into two distinctive brotherhoods of style. The second Hybrid style brotherhood features a distinctively silhouetted group of three styles based on the substantial foundation of a moulded and modular articulated wedge heel. Upon this sleek and sculptural base rests a choice of three upper variations – a minimally decorated black derby, a Ferragamo- strap supported slip-on, and a strap-fastened derby with a Ferragamo logo. Hybrid combines high-tech and high-craft to produce footwear of the highest order. #FerragamoHybridShoe  

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