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The St. Regis Abu Dhabi known for its exquisite hospitality, rare and boutique experiences, is also home to the multiple award winning Remède Spa that provides exclusive customized and bespoke treatments and therapies. Sri Devi, the credible skin expert and therapist of Remède Spa, presents some specific skincare tips of how to proper hydrate your skin during winter and suggests the best skincare products to use. 

Question:            There has been a trend in skin care recently, as one of the acclaimed spas in the UAE Capital, what is your take regarding this?

Answer:                It is never too late to start and achieve clear and radiant skin. Aside from the basic skincare steps, you can always upgrade your skin care routine with our nourishing and rejuvenating products in addition to the customized skin treatments. This way you are also protecting your skin against the harsh environmental conditions that it will encounter. 

Question:            What are the basic skincare steps you can share to everyone wishing to have a nourished and glowing skin?  

Answer:                First and foremost you need to ensure you drink a good amount of water every day. Water is not only ideal for internal body detoxifying, but it also helps to achieve a well-hydrated glowing complexion. As an alternative to drinking water, you can replace it with tea, fresh juice or infused water. In addition you need to ensure and have a healthy and balanced diet containing high fiber ingredients and essential vitamins. Adding regular or daily exercise to your routine, will also improve your blood circulation in the body and will reflect directly to your skin showing a natural glow. Sleep is another important tip. During the act of sleep, our skin and our entire body rests and repairs itself. The lack of sleep will not only stress our body, but will also place extra tension on our skin, which will then lead to breakouts and other issues. Last but not least is to have an effective daily skincare routine. When all the above steps are combined, I am certain that everyone will have a photogenic skin not only for social media captures, but also for real and natural close ups.

Question:            Having a daily skin care routine is very intriguing as we have already heard about the basic steps. Can you walk us through this elaborate routine?

Answer:                Daily skin care routine is very intricate. You have to use skin care products that will be effective and best suited to the needs of your skin type. To start a successful skin care routine, it is very important to select products that also contain ingredients that you feel confident to apply on your skin. The Remède Spa technicians use products of Elemis and La Vallee that are suitable for all skin types and target the removal of unwanted skin effects. The first step you should incorporate into your routine is the deep skin cleansing. By using La Vallee Gentle Cleansing Gel Foam every morning and evening and massaging it in circular motions you will remove the unwanted free radicals from your skin. To restore the natural PH level after the thorough cleansing, you can tone your skin with La Vallee Gentle Tonifying Lotion and then apply the La Vallee STX Precious Lamination Cream to keep the skin hydrated. At the end, it is very important to always apply daily the La Vallee High Protection Lightening Emulsion sunscreen, of at least 30SPF, to protect your skin and to block both UVA and UVB rays that have an effect of causing wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, uneven skin color, redness and blemishes.

Question:            Since most of us have already started our skin care routines, can you also suggest any additional skin care products or tips?

Answer:                You can do additional treatments twice a week to further enhance and elevate your skin cleaning routine to the next level, such as such as the Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Mask and exfoliators of Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel or Elemis Skin Buff. Detoxing is another important step as it releases accumulation of toxic substances inside your body and skin. The Remède Spa at The St. Regis Abu Dhabi not only offers effective products to use in the comfort of your home, but also customized skin treatments and therapies to fortify the improvements of your skin. 

Question:            What is the benefit and advantage of doing such sophisticated skin care?

Answer:                While the daily routines might appear to be complex for someone who is new to skincare treatments and it can be time consuming, I would like to assure everyone that the investment made in this sophisticated skin care routine and products will pay off in the long run. People who neglect a good skin care, will regret later on for not making the investment when the signs of skin aging appeared.

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