Nirvana Rent a Car Launches Special Offers for Luxury Cars

Nirvana Rent a Car unveils new packages for residents in the UAE aspiring to drive the coveted models from the luxurious Range Rover brand. 

A spokesperson for the Nirvana Rent a Car said in a statement, “Nirvana Rent a Car, an affiliated company of Nirvana Travel & Tourism, is proud to be at the forefront in the UAE and the only company in Abu Dhabi with a huge fleet of luxury cars and buses”.

“Nirvana Rent a Car is a vital part of our strategy to provide the best and most integrated services to our customers under one roof. We have signed an agreement with Premier Motors to supply 100 Range Rover vehicles. This highlights the company’s uniqueness among other car rental companies” he added.

A car emblazoned with the Range Rover trademark is widely recognised as a statement symbol for luxury, sophistication and technology par excellence, both on and off the road. The company’s clientele can now enjoy many an excursion within the comfort and elegance of a Range Rover, all while cruising across the Emirates.

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