– Campaign #BehnoodeGivesBack calls for Middle East Fashion industry to unite and help the fashion industry workers and laborers

Middle East Fashion label Behnoode launched an online campaign to help fashion industry professionals, workers and laborers heavily affected by the COVID-19 crisis in the whole Middle East region. The Dubai-based Italian-born fashion label encourages other regional fashion houses to join the movement to help more people in need.

“It is time for us to make a step and stand up for the whole fashion industry in the Middle East. Our collective efforts to save those who have been affected by the crisis will contribute to the sustainability of our industry. Now is the time to act as one, a fashion industry that is united for the betterment of all.” said Behnoode, Founder and Creative Director of BEHNOODE

Behnoode calls all Middle Eastern design houses, big and small fashion labels to extend their help for all affected members of the fashion community.

“A lot of people from the fashion industry lost their jobs due to the crisis. Those who are at the bottom of the spectrum are mostly affected. They are vulnerable and need a lot of attention. We should be making big steps in order to look after them, to sustain and create new avenues to keep these creative people on their line.”

Behnoode is an active philanthropist and the founder of Behnoode Foundation, a charitable organization developing and helping creative talents to reach their full potential through several activities, workshops and global initiatives.

“People thinks that fashion is only just about luxury, but no, fashion is a necessity – clothes are one of our basic human needs, it protects us from harms – and as we have seen in these challenging times – creating masks, lab gowns, headbands, shoes and other protective gear – are one of the most important tools to protect us from the virus. We should never forget that.”

Who is eligible? 

If you are an employee of a fashion house or brand who lost their job, fashion factory worker, tailors, cutters, beaders from couture houses, sales executives, retailers, simply go to www. instagram.com/behnoode or check the hashtag #BenoodeGivesBack on Instagram, and click the link on his bio to be directed to a form that should be filled up with contact details.  

Disclaimer: During the first phase of the campaign, Behnoode will be selecting 20 individuals who will submit their forms and share their stories. All will be subject to verification of their current status before they receive any help and/or incentive grant from the brand.

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