Hamed Bin Mohamed Al-Suwaidi founded the Abu Dhabi Art Society

Hamed Bin Mohamed Al-Suwaidi
Hamed Bin Mohamed Al-Suwaidi

Despite the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic, Dr Hamed Al Suwaidi insists on continuing his duties towards the students with a strong belief in the true value of such important events and work relentlessly on planning new projects and proposals for the near future and stays in touch with students via online communication to encourage and help them to keep going and shape their dreams in such hard times.

As the Official Patron of the Arts at The British School – Al Khubairat, Dr Hamed Al Suwaidi has played a huge role in encouraging art education and cultivating a culture of creativity among students. Dr Al Suwaidi is also the Abu Dhabi Patron of the National Portrait Gallery in London, and often leads efforts to facilitate closer cultural and artistic interaction between the UAE and the UK. Dr Al Suwaidi is known to actively promote the works of talented young artists and continues to dedicate his time, skills and resources to the development of contemporary art in the UAE and beyond.

The Abu Dhabi Art Society continues to support multiple events for young generations. The non-profit organisation patrons a number of exhibitions around the year for young artists. And The British School – Al Khubairat (BSAK) yearly art exhibition is an example for that. The unique art exhibition place the works of the talented budding young artists on full display and feature an impressive range of artworks from students across different art forms such as fine art, photography, and graphic design.

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