Celebrating the spirit of Eid, Rene Caovilla partners with first female Emirati Digital Artist, Sumayyah Al Suwaidi to create two unique series of artworks centering around Eid Mubarak, with core Rene Caovilla shoes Cleo & Galaxia.

Reflecting the spirit of Ramadan, a month of compassion, peace, and connection, Sumayyah Al Suwaidi celebrates the marriage of two different worlds and of individual values that ties them strongly together, in a series of artworks through harmony and balance.

The dreamy, intricate detailed and storytelling artworks let you enter the world of Rene Caovilla through the eyes of Sumayyah carrying the viewer on a visual journey. The work depicts contrasting compositions with soft colours giving a sense of warmth and comfort. Delicate flowers representing femininity and the rose flower of Italy, shimmery stars and moon touching on the idea of hope and peace, and the whimsical city of Venice, come together to give birth to the iconic Rene Caovilla sandals, Cleo & Galaxia, the main stars of the artworks.

The Venetian designer’s jewelled shoes, Cleo & Galaxia, are the iconic symbols of the House and where the true craft mastery of the Maison lies. These two dream-like shoes, of special workmanship and refined design, are classics that are never completely classic. Marrying art and fashion together, Sumayyah is able to showcase the powerful unity of both and construct something so beautiful that is valued by the region.

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