The Third Line – Laleh Khorramian

The Third Line is pleased to present Mindscapes, a solo exhibition of Laleh Khorramian‘s works for the second iteration of In Touch. Traversing the landscapes of her mind’s creation and offering an escape from the boundaries of familiar time and space, this exhibition demonstrates Khorramian’s unfaltering intrigue in alternate domains and the extraordinary beings that inhabit them.

Through the works in this selection, Laleh grants the viewer an audience with alien deities and invites them to briefly experience the extraterrestrial terrain of her imagination. Using a multitude of technical skills and techniques to create her aesthetically rich abstract works, Khorramian creates her monotype prints by painting directly on glass and then pressing paper onto the wet surface. The unpredictable results of these processes serve as a celebration of chance, accidental detail, and the mark of a human trace.

The artist strives to decipher the unseen and unseeable as she weaves her visual lore. Throughout her practice, Khorramian explores the various emotional aspects of consciousness as she gives form to the stories she remembers, experiences, or dreams of. Laleh’s deliberately obscure works epitomize her continued interest in delirium, mirage, and theatrics. Provoking an individual interpretation from each viewer, this exhibition is an invitation into the celestial realm of Laleh Khorramian’s personal mindscape.

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