Maryling F/W 21-22 – Milano Fashion Week

Creativity and imagination are the buzzwords of Fall/Winter 21-22 for MARYLING, where the artistic dimension once again emerges to become the manifesto of everyday life. Vibrant and profound, the inspiration takes icons of 20th century art and blends them with a contemporary, updated approach in which the avant-garde and technology, the children of our times, make a difference.

Art is anything you can get away with”: from Warhol to current events, that concept is expressed through style that crosses time and resolves contrasts, making color and patterns the true breaking point.

Everything becomes inspiration for the brand: abstract and cinematic pixilation, random geometric shapes painted on the brick walls of London, the conceptual minimalism of the optical illusions by François Morellet, and the shapes and unique colors of the collages on wood by Tilde Grynnerup.

The star of the MARYLING collection is a soft sartorial touch that is first expressed through outerwear and capes, coats and oversized ponchos. Immediately after it is seen in très chic sweatshirts inspired by handmade knitwear full of geometric motifs, and bold sweaters in dazzling colors.
Art as culture remains a strong influence and is interpreted through the famous Agatha Christie and the films based on her books, from “Murder on the Nile” to Murder in the Mirror” with the unforgettable Elizabeth Taylor, where the British approach becomes a valid lifestyle anywhere in the world.  As a result, a taste for geometric prints and monochrome touches between black and white emerges through patterns inspired by snow and sleet in the countryside. It is also seen in soft silk skirts and dresses contrasting with sleeveless tailored jackets and coats, in a creative exploration of the most classic shapes that arrive at unexpected results.

The must-have silk dresses of the season are like genuine canvases that burst into a riot of colorful, abstract patterns and prints. Elegantly urban, they gracefully combine a fitted ribbed knit bodice with an asymmetrical or surplice wrap style that contrasts with the flowing, silky skirt with soft pleats on the side. Their enchanting colors and abstract elements against the black background are the manifesto of MARYLING’s sleek, unique style.

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