The UAE’s latest public art installation uses artificial intelligence to bring data on an ancient civilisation to life in a digital sculpture.

 ICD Brookfield Place proudly unveils DATAMONOLITH_AI, an architectural data sculpture installation conceived by the regional award-winning, new media studio, Ouchhh. Data from the Pre-Pottery Neolithic period (9600–7000 cal BC) is processed through a series of algorithms and powered by artificial intelligence. This data is represented on four LED panels comprised of three billion pixels. Images collected from one of the world’s oldest archaeological sites, located in Göbekli Tepe in south-eastern Anatolia, are translated into illuminations on a monumental obelisk, creating an ever-changing display that translates still images into a living sculpture. The public art installation will be on display at ICD Brookfield Place until 23rd March 2021.

The machine and human collaboration, DATAMONOLITH_AI is a representation of the some of the world’s oldest available data from the Middle East in Dubai—one of the world’s fastest-growing, future-forward cities. Set against the backdrop of the UAE’s rapid development and growth, the work is a contemplative and cinematic convergence of ancient and contemporary cultures. DATAMONOLITH_AI by Ouchhh Studio has been curated by MASSIVArt and exhibited across the globe in major metropolitan cities such as New York, London, Taipei, Tokyo and Barcelona.

A dynamic and inclusive destination, ICD Brookfield Place is a new cultural centre and cutting-edge workplace playing an active role in the transformation of the local arts and culture scene. A community-driven destination, it also acts as a platform to support emerging and established artists in the region. DATAMONOLITH_AI was chosen to be the first large-scale installation at ICD Brookfield Place because of the immersive storytelling experience it offers all audiences, bringing art together at the forefront of technology.

Ferdi Alici of Ouchhh says, “Ouchhh discovers the hybrid spaces of the virtual and physical worlds as a combined environment that redefines the future of art in 21st century with DATAMONOLITH_AI. Ouchhh’s main goal is not just to create an iconic landmark but also to create a data-driven public artwork to inspire and create a sense of marvel to everyone who experiences it. Data as a paint, algorithm as a brush.”

Arthur Gaillard, Chief Curator of MASSIVart says, “Ouchhh’s DATAMONOLITH_AI, the newest public art installation realized by MASSIVart at ICD Brookfield Place, beautifully compliments the building’s mission: to foster a greater sense of community and connection by sharing in creative experiences. For MASSIVart, it was a privilege to forge this opportunity with a client and an artist whose visions for the future align. Brookfield Properties, one of the largest real estate groups in the world, has received outstanding recognition for its arts programming, while Ouchhh has earned the art world’s enthusiastic praise, winning several awards for its innovative AI works.”

Ben McGregor, Investment Director at ICD Brookfield Place, says, “We are incredibly proud to launch our public art programme with DATAMONOLITH_AI. ICD Brookfield Place has always aspired to be a creative, forward-thinking community and cultural institution, and this striking installation is the first in a programme of world-class cultural experiences. We hope the installation will inspire not only those in our immediate community of Dubai but also foster further creativity and growth in the  burgeoning art scene here in the UAE.”


ICD Brookfield Place is the region’s premier lifestyle and business destination with over 4 acres of highly curated dining, retail, and community space alongside 990,000 sq ft of sustainable and future-ready workspace.

ICD Brookfield Place Arts Programme supports innovation in music, dance, theater, film, and visual art by pushing boundaries to create unique works of art and cultural experiences presented for free. The inclusive and accessible program gathers communities around creativity by animating its public spaces.

ICD Brookfield Place is managed by Brookfield Properties.

For more information, please visit: www.icdbrookfieldplace.com


MASSIVart is an award-winning global art consultancy and production agency. We collaborate with emerging and established artists as well as professionals in the creative industry to foster dialogue, via art, with communities. Our approach includes placemaking strategies, public artworks, and cultural programs to work with our clients to transform their spaces, enhance their projects and create memorable art-driven experiences for their clients and the communities surrounding their projects.



OUCHHH is an award winning independent creative new media studio with cross-discipline expertise in art, science, and technology. Ouchhh is considered a multidisciplinary creative hub focused on interactive new media platforms, artificial intelligence, data-driven sculptures and paintings, kinetic public arts, immersive experiences, and producing A/V architectural façade performances. Ouchhh is discovering the boundaries of art by researching the relationship between architecture, art, science, technology, new media arts and artificial intelligence.