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Pia Lauri Capri, an emerging high fashion brand for men, creates outerwear made entirely by hand, without any glue point, using the best selection of precious, exclusive and unique natural fabrics, such as Bamboo Cashmere.

We had the opportunity to interview her during last edition of Sustainable Fashion Innovation Society in Rome.

From the lab-atelier located in Boscoreale, collections come to life in which style, ergonomics, preciousness, research and attention to detail are combined thanks to the harmonious vision of Pia Lauri who has interpreted the brand since its debut.

Phygital Sustainability Expo is a trademark and idea brought to life from Mrs. Valeria Mangani President of the Sustainable Fashion Innovation Society. Sustainability, Innovation Society, three words that immediately project us into an idea of ​​progress. An idea of ​​progress that focuses on the world of fashion, which is currently the second-largest responsible for global pollution and water waste. Today, sustainable innovation is the basis of the fashion system and the Sustainable Fashion Innovation Society is, thanks to its absolutely innovative hub, in a key position in this process of green disruption. Thanks to the various partnerships undertaken (including Ferrovie dello Stato, Enel X, the Luiss University and CNA Federmoda and the patronage of the Ministry of Ecological Transition and the Ministry of Culture), from an idea of Ms. Valeria Mangani, former Vice President of ALTAROMA and IAW Delegate to UN institutions (FAO, IFAD, WFP) and President of Sustainable Fashion Innovation Society ( SFIS ) does not only deal with clothing brands but it creates a real society aimed at the sustainable progress of an entire country. In today’s consumerist and frenetic society, the culture of fast fashion has spread, making production not only unsustainable on an ecological level but also on an economic one, causing the almost disappearance of small and medium-sized Made in Italy companies. SFIS wants to include in its network these small and medium artisan realities outside the world of Milan Camera Moda and the international context, forming them in the perspective of a 100% green future, guaranteeing them the possibility of innovating and knowing how to access sustainable raw materials such as nettle’s fiber and vegan skins. This revolutionary hub takes shape once a year with the Phygital Sustainability Expo, the first event in the world dedicated to the ecological transition of the fashion system. In line with the policy of enhancing the territory, the Phygital Sustainability expo is inherent and every year it will be hosted in a different symbolic place of the Italian heritage, (on 5 July 2021 it will be in Rome while they are expected in the Royal Palace of Caserta in 2022) Through the Phigital Sustainability Expo, SFIS wants to create an important platform in which stakeholders, SMEs, consumers, media, can come into contact, thus creating that digital hub that is instead active virtually all year round. The goal of the Sustainable fashion Innovation Society is not only to make the consumer aware of a sustainable purchase but to act as an educational model for the new generations. The Phygital Sustainable Expo is a platform strongly linked to the artisan territory, the identity of the Italian system, our flagship and cultural as well as economic fabric, set up to support it in the transformation towards their sustainability, made necessary today, to be competitive with global challenges. The Phygital Sustainable Expo will be a digital hub for the whole year, but on 5 July 2021, it will materialize for the second time in Rome, in a strongly identifying place, to bring together the creatives of fashion & design in a virtuous network for the Italian system, exclusively sustainable.

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