Desigual and Mr. Christian LaCroix

Barcelona, Autumn / Winter 2021

This season, French designer Monsieur Christian Lacroix has redefined his codes for Desigual. His proposal? A Capsule Collection with athleisure touches, designed for a young and active woman, always chic, always on the go.

After celebrating the 10th Anniversary of his collaboration in style last spring, the #DesigualxMrChristianLacroix FW21 collection continues to explore the language that unites both sides. On this occasion, the proposal includes sporty cut garments and maintains the distinctive features of the great designer for Desigual: boho prints, pictorial motifs, flowers and patchwork. The athleisure aesthetic is combined with fluorescent brushstrokes and a clear influence of Fauvist painters who, among other things, were characterized by a provocative use of color. All this mix is ​​applied to more sporty and comfortable garments and silhouettes. Some examples? Tulle combined with denim, hats that complete every look… The color palette includes both dark tones and fluo notes. The result is as eclectic as it is hypnotic.

SPORTY TOUCH It’s a fact! When we get dressed, a natural mix is ​​produced between “athletic” (athletic) and “leisure” (leisure): sportswear has come out of the gym environment, have made their way into our daily looks and are increasingly urban. For this reason, in this collection, we find leggings, fitness-type tops, padded coats inspired by trekking and, of course, sneakers. Technical materials allow you to explore original volumes that accentuate the silhouette. All this united by a bohemian and sophisticated language … The athleisure key, in the hands of Monsieur Christian Lacroix, has that characteristic je-ne-sais-quoi.

ARTY INSPIRATION The influence of the Fauvist painting movement is also seen in many of the designs. Monsieur Christian Lacroix chooses and combines colors with a defiant attitude, in the wake of Matisse, Derain or Vlaminck. If these artists had known how to add today’s colors to their palette, they would surely have launched themselves fully in fluorescent tones to enhance the grit of their works. Not surprisingly, in French “fauve” means “wild animal”.
And you, do you speak the language shared by Desigual and Monsieur Christian Lacroix? A, E, I, O, U! The most essential sound in language are vowels. They articulate the fundamental aspects of this Capsule Collection, as shown in the video of our campaign: A by Athlétique, because the heart of these garments beats active and energetic. And of Exubérant, because prints and colors attract all eyes. I by Iconique, because it unites two unique universes, Desigual and Monsieur Christian Lacroix. Or Oh là là, because Monsieur Christian Lacroix’s savoir-faire can be seen in every detail. U of Unique, because wearing these garments makes everyday life memorable.

With these premises, the collection consolidates and expands the collaboration between Desigual and Monsieur Christian Lacroix: a shared language, a lasting relationship since 2011, a FOREVER love.

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