Sharjah International Film Festival for Children and Youth unveils its first-ever virtual 3D platform

The 2021 edition, will hold all its activities and film screenings virtually on this platform, which will also offer audiences high-quality VR experiences of Sharjah’s iconic destinations

The upcoming 8th edition of the Sharjah International Film Festival for Children and Youth’s (SIFF 2021) has unveiled its first-ever 3D virtual platform, as the region’s leading festival for young cinema enthusiasts gears up to run a fully virtual festival, from October 10 – 15.

The 3D platform is a major attraction of SIFF 2021 on which all its events, workshops and film screenings will be held. The platform will inspire audiences of all age groups with another special feature – high-quality virtual reality journeys of Sharjah’s iconic architectural landmarks and diverse natural landscapes comprising seas, mountains, and the desert.

The iconic Greek-inspired Khorfakkan Amphitheatre will form the backdrop of the festival’s main cinema and mini cinema. The site’s visitors will be able to embark on inspiring virtual journeys to explore the SIFF Fame exhibition which showcases the creative works of FUNN’s students – an experience that will be made more memorable set  in the House of Wisdom premises.

The six-day festival that aims to stimulate imaginations, showcase the cinematic voices of young filmmakers from around the world and train future generations in the field of media arts, will come to life on this stimulating virtual platform. A fully equipped information desk, an entertainment hub which includes two games: Trivia Quiz Mania, a fun way to test – and gain – knowledge across five categories – movies, music, technology, sport, celebrity, and history; and Virtual Photo Booth, where they can choose from three experiences – Photo, Boomerang or GIF – to create fun e-cards to share it on their personal social media accounts.

As well as kids and youth studios where the workshops will be held, will also be easily accessible to the 3D platform’s browsers.

Organised by FUNN – Sharjah Media Arts for Youth and Children under the theme ‘Think Film’, SIFF 2021 will be showcasing a selection of more than 80 films from 38 countries, paired with a diverse programming agenda comprising expert-led workshops in both Arabic and English, stimulating panel discussions, and more.

To attend SIFF 2021 workshops and discussions, and watch a host of interesting cinema, visit

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