FIVE new initiatives launched this month to help inspire and encourage adults and children to be more eco-friendly

There are more reasons to visit The Green Planet this month with Dubai’s only indoor rainforest attraction today launching key and fun sustainable initiatives that will help inspire adults and children to play their part in caring for the environment and be rewarded.

The Green Planet Eco Activation

The Green Planet has rolled out FIVE new initiatives from eliminating single-use plastics to recycling as part of its efforts to act responsibly and help educate people of all ages understand the importance of saving the planet.

From today, every person who walks through the doors at The Green Planet will receive a free small seed packet gift to take home so they can plant their sustainably sourced seeds, looking after it every step of the way as it grows into a tree.

As the venue continues to move forward in eliminating single-use plastics by the end of this year, a new recycling programme has been launched. This will see customers at The Green Planet Café benefit by choosing from a new and updated menu that includes several delicious and healthy vegetarian and vegan options. Another significant change is the installation of an advanced technology Nordaq water system which people can drink still and sparkling water bottled onsite at The Green Plant Café using re-usable glass bottles.

Don’t forget to catch one of The Green Planet’s daily thunderstorm show where all of our guests have an opportunity to play in the rain and learn about the importance of conserving water which is vital to protecting the planet. Did you know, more than 80 per cent of the water that people consume originally falls in a rainforest around the world?

The Green Planet Eco Activation

With a wide variety of dishes on offer, organic food waste from the Café and the animal diet food will be composted in a brand-new state-of-the-art compost station from The Waste Lab that has been built behind the indoor rainforest. The fertiliser generated from the station will go back into the soil, growing the plants inside The Green Planet and helping grow more bananas, papayas, passion fruits and citruses to feed the animals. On top of this, more bell peppers, tomatoes, and kale will be grown at the aquaponic garden.

For those guests who want a more in-depth experience behind the scenes learning more about The Green Planet and the importance of protecting our plant, we encourage to participate in one of our many educational and fun programs such as Zookeeper for the Day, Camping in the Rainforest or one of our many up close Animal Encounters!

With plenty of initiatives to get involved, head down to The Green Planet. Remember, every small thing can make a huge difference in conserving our environment. 

The Green Planet Eco Activation

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