URBBAN FUSION – Art & Fashion Festival in Polony

A perfect style’s exercise of true coordination between City Politics and Art & Fashion articulate event organizing. Definitely something not easy especially when politics is actively involved within the organization, but in Poland in the city of Bielsko – Biala this happened masterly thank to the effort of the whole city council and thank to its President Jaroslav Klimaszewski with his overall vice and supervisor Adam Rusniak.

From Left: President Jaroslav Klimaszewski, Natasha Pavluchenko, Rafal Stanowski, Adam Rusniak

All was carefully coordinated by Mr. Michal Jedynak who took care and perfectly coordinated all the difficult logistics and schedules with no hesitations until the last minute, where together with the Polish Ambassador in Italy Her Excellency Anna Maria Anders, the Minister of Funds and regional policy Grzegorz Puda thanked the organisation of the festival.

Michal Jedynak,head International press of the festival

Super Star and furthermore artistic director of the “Urbban Fusion. Art & Fashion Festival” is been the designer Natasha Pavluchenko which presented her two premium collections, one titled “Biala / Everlasting” in honour of Bielsko-Biala, the town hosting the event, and the other one “Maria-Anglona” inspired by the Sanctuary of Our Lady Queen Maria d’Anglona in Italy in the town of TURSI. Among the VIP List we met the Major of Tursi himself Salvatore Cosma. The performance show featured state of the art choreography and musical performance by the singers “Marta Gzowska-Savicka” and the vocalist “Luna” that singed live together with a ballet choreography during the show.

Natasha Pavluchenko
Singer Performer “LUNA”

We have been able to attend this event thank to the international press agent and University Lecturer of this event Ms. Maria-Christina Rigano, who actively select and advice the best boutique Couture and Fashion brands worldwide.

Prof. Maria Christina Rigano

The parterre of invitee was hand-picked carefully from an international list of guests and as cherry on the top of the cake we were able to interview also the Minister of Funds and regional policy Grzegorz Puda and Her Excellency the Polish ambassador in Italy Anna Maria Anders with the Major of Tursi itself Salvatore Cosma. Among the distinguished guests there was also the editor-in-chief of Gazzetta Italia Sebastiano Giorgi, who interviewed numerous guests for the Gazzetta Italia.

Singer Anna Guzik, Sebastiano Giorgi of Gazzetta Italia
President Jaroslav Klimaszewski, Her Excellency The Ambassador of Poland in Italy Anna Maria Anders, Minister of Funds and public policy Grzegorz Puda

UrBBan Fusion. Art & Fashion Festival
has gone down in history, but the echoes of the Festival held in the first days of December are extremely positive and have already crossed the borders of Poland. The event brought together different generations and different fields of art in one common space and showed the creative potential of local artists and those who came from outside the region. The foreign guests left delighted with the city and the creative energy that was created and was present both among the artists and participants of the Festival. It was also felt at the festival’s Papuga Park Hotel SPA & Wellness Marrakesh, where meetings and closed discussions of international guests of the event took place.

Małgorzata Chełchowska-Rak director of BCK Bielsko – Biala

Three-day UrBBan Fusion. The Art & Fashion Festival, under the artistic direction of designer Natasha Pavluchenko, has ended and has served its purpose. The festival under the aegis of the President of the City of Jarosław Klimaszewski and organized by the Bielsko Cultural Center Maria Koterbska under the direction of Małgorzata Chełchowska-Rak, promoted not only the city itself, but above all young and talented people. The first edition was a great success and the organizers are already thinking about the next one.

Bielsko – Biala BCK Cultural Centre

“This Festival creates a new quality on the cultural map of our city; it is a great challenge, but we decided to take it up. And it turns out that it was the right decision. UrBBan Fusion has a unique cultural value for its residents and the city’s image and promotion, both in Poland and internationally. The event was widely echoed by the inhabitants of Bielsko, especially among young, creative people. I am proud that the idea of ​​such an original event was highly appreciated and publicised also by foreign guests. “

Jarosław Klimaszewski, Mayor of the City of Bielsko-Biała.

The competition for the best mini-collection project, announced a few weeks earlier, aimed at young people, selected two winners of the first place and the award of the Mayor of Bielsko-Biała. The authors of the winning designs of the competition and the recipients of the final two prizes worth PLN 5,000 each were Aleksandra Byrska and Elliott Kubiak, both from the Academy of Fine Arts. Władysław Strzemiński in Łódź.

The competition jury consisted of: Rafał Stanowski – chairman of the jury, Maria Cristina Rigano, Wojtek Haratyk, Adam Ruśniak, Jagoda Piątek-Włodarczyk, Sebastiano Giorgi and Natasha Pavluchenko.

The young people present at the Festival could not only see the works of recognized artists, but also learn about the highlights and shadows of the designer profession, various aspects and elements of work, necessary to find themselves in it and then to be successful in the industry. This was achieved through masterclass lectures by fashion experts and practitioners from Poland and Italy, which by definition went beyond fashion and the art of tailoring, and were a help in recognizing and defining one’s own potential and possibilities. During the masterclass, Prof. Maria Cristina Rigano, Manuel Perrotta from IFN, Rafał Stanowski from SAPU, Dr. Paulina Żmijowska and Natasha Pavluchenko shared their experiences, work methodology and answered numerous questions from the gathered youth. The casting of models and models organized in BCK a few weeks earlier, which was attended by several dozen people, was very popular. Ultimately, nearly 50 people were selected for fashion shows.

The three-day event ended with a final gala at the Bielsko Cultural Center, where, after the awards ceremony for young designers, a performative performance directed by Jacek Bończyk was shown, with the presentation of Natasha Pavluchenko’s two original collections: “Biała / Everlasting” and “Maria D’Anglona” and shows a collection of designers from the Krakow School of Artistic Fashion Design (SAPU) and from Bielsko-Biała. Their creations were presented by: Anna Szczygieł, Aneta Łącka, Angelika Ożdżyńska, Oliwia Jankowska, Mateusz Gurgul, Anna Nowak-Curyło, Anna Drabczyńska and Ewelina Sobolak / Tundra. Nargiz Salwa and Łukasz Kubiński also presented their collections on Friday shows.

Anna Guzik
Manuel Perrotta President of
IFN Network

Moda was also present in the performance concert of actress Anna Guzik entitled “Bez / senna”, shown during the opening gala of the Festival at the Polish Theater. The collection “Biała / Everlasting” by Natasha Pavluchenko, presented then for the first time in Poland, is dedicated to the city of Bielsko-Biała, and was inspired by the decorations of the oldest church in Bielsko. st. Stanislaus.

The performance was attended by Jadwiga Grygierczyk, an actress of the Polish Theater in Bielsko-Biała, a true legend of the stage, whose acting was an excellent part of the artistic performance and provided the audience with extraordinary emotions, which was also emphasized by the foreign guests of the event.

Manuel Perrotta, President of IFN Foundation and Amsterdam, Dubai, Newyork e Roma FTV attended the festival and described the festival as “a rainbow of colors in a world full of clouds”. He also stated that the festival “was one of the best organised fashion events in the world”. During all days of the Festival, the International Fashion Network team made a report that will appear on IFN’s international video platforms, dedicated to world fashion. Manuel Perrotta, a producer of fashion events and an industry expert, in his comments on social media, marked with the hashtag #bielskobiala, noted that fashion and art combined politicians of various options.

Among the guests of the festival, at the invitation of President Jarosław Klimaszewski, were Anna Maria Anders, Polish Ambassador to Italy, and Grzegorz Puda, Minister of Funds and Regional Policy. During her first visit to Bielsko-Biała, Ambassador Anders had the opportunity to admire the city and visit the Church of St. Stanislaus, being inspiration for the “Biała” collection. She emphasized that fashion in an unusual way connects both countries and it is a great idea to promote Bielsko-Biała, as well as Polish culture and art.
Aldo Amati, the Italian Ambassador to Poland, sent his message to the organizers and guests of the Festival, stressing that fashion is a branch of the economy with good prospects in Poland. He also thanked the designer Natasha Pavluchenko for creating a collection dedicated to the Italian city of Tursi. The Basilica of Our Lady, Queen Anglona, ​​located there, inspired her to create a collection from a new creative line combining fashion and art.

From the south of Italy, from the Basilicata region, Salvatore Cosma, the mayor of the city of Tursi, came to the UrBBan Fusion Festival, who emphasized his two-year acquaintance with the city authorities and declared his continued commitment to developing contacts between Bielsko-Biała and Tursi.
During the festival, the exhibition “Biała” was opened, with the shots of Roman Hryciow, an artist photographer who has been creating for almost half a century, and Michał Obrycki, who is at the beginning of his creative path. Both artists photographed Natasha Pavluchenko’s collection “Biała / Everlasting”, which this time was a pretext for the artists’ artistic vision. After the opening at the Metrum Jazz Club, two views, two views, two different artistic visions – under the curatorial supervision of Iwona Purzycka – could be watched throughout the Festival in the foyer of the Bielski Centrum Kultury im. M. Koterbska.
The festival was also accompanied by film screenings at the Helios cinema in Bielsko, where in the foyer the organizers showed an exhibition of fashion drawings by Ewelina Kozak and Natasha Pavluchenko.

Savatore Cosma, Tursi’s Major
Iwona Purzycka curator of photo exhibition in the festival
Fashion drawings by Ewelina Kozak and Natasha Pavluchenko at Helios cinema in Bielsko.

The juror of the competition, Sebastiano Giorgi, editor-in-chief of the bilingual Italian-Polish magazine Gazzetta Italia, stated: “The UrBBan Fusion Festival has immediately appeared in space and from the first edition it can be seen that it will be an event permanently inscribed in the city’s calendar of events. For me personally, this mix of fashion shows, art shows, masterclasses and performances of the highest quality is an original and wonderful experience. I was positively surprised by the great openness and level of both the organizers and the audience. I can see that a great future looks ahead for the city of Bielsko-Biała and the event itself. “

Sebastiano Giorgi, Gazzetta Italia

“The organization of this festival is an investment on the part of the city in the development of the young generation, and at the same time in culture and art, which is extremely valuable, especially in the times we live in today. It was a breeze for the participating artists, and for many of them it also meant a return to work in a difficult period in which we still find ourselves. I would like to thank the artists, organizers, partners, media for their work and support, and the viewers for very positive opinions about the Festival, which go further into the world. I think the road to the next edition of UrBBan Fusion in 2022 has opened up for us. “

Natasha Pavluchenko, Artistic Director

The festival is part of the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the merger of Bielsko and Biała – two different administrative units, located for centuries on the two banks of the Biała River.

“During the implementation of this project, the most valuable thing was the fact that it is an innovative project, invented and organized by us from the beginning to the end. It certainly would not have been possible had it not been for a wonderful and very creative team of people who believed in this project, devoting themselves completely to it. And I think that’s why we made it – it’s hard to believe – in less than two months! Thank you.”

Deputy mayor of the city, Adam Ruśniak


1.12 / Opening of the exhibition Biała
Artists: Roman Hryciów, Michał Obrycki
Curator – Iwona Purzycka
Driving – Conrado Moreno

  1. 12 / Opening Gala

The author of the idea and the performer Anna Guzik
Actress Jadwiga Grygierczyk
Organizer – Bielskie Centrum Kultury im. Maria Koterbska
Creative / Program Director – Natasha Pavluchenko

Screenplay – Jacek Bończyk
Directed by – Jacek Bończyk
Scenography – Grzegorz Policiński
Choreography – Mateusz Wojtasiński
Lights – Grzegorz Policiński
Arrangement: Krzysztof Maciejowski

Musicians – Krzysztof Maciejowski, Robert Szewczuga, Ghostman, feat. Jacek Bończyk

Dancers – Aleksandra Jurczak, Mateusz Wojtasiński

Models – Anna Krzesińska, Weronika Badura, Katarzyna Stalmach, Nadia Kowalska,
Karina Nowak, Paulina Kubisz, Magdalena Kasiborska, Katarzyna Knopek, Julia Krupińska,

Wiktoria Łempicka, Dagmara Mielczarek, Natalia Kiszko

Costumes – Natasha Pavluchenko

Backstage – Tomek Gąsienica-Józkowy, Stefania Lazar Team
Hair – Maniewski team / Farmagan with the help of students from ZDZ in Bielsko-Biała
Make up – Affect brand with the help of ZDZ students in Bielsko-Biała

Hosting – Conrado Moreno

3.12 / Daytime shows

Models by Prestige and Grabowska Models
Designers – Anna Drabczyńska, Ewelina Sobolak / Tundra, Łukasz Kubiński, Nargiz Salwa
Choreography – Tomasz Gąsienica-Józkowy
Hosting – Conrado Moreno

3.12 / Final Gala

Organizer – Bielskie Centrum Kultury im. Maria Koterbska
Creative / Program Director – Natasha Pavluchenko

Directed by – Jacek Bończyk
Scenography / lights – Grzegorz Policiński
Screenplay – Jacek Bończyk / Natasha Pavluchenko

Visualizations – Marcin Szendoł

Music selection – Jacek Bończyk / Natasha Pavluchenko
Fashion performance choreography – Justyna Kaczmarska-Orawiec

Choreography of the dancers – Mateusz Wojtasiński
Vocals – Luna, Marta Gzowska-Sawicka

Dancers – Sonia Baron, Klaudia Cygoń-Majchrowska, Aleksandra Jurczak, Damian

Kazimierczyk, Mikołaj Strzyż, Mateusz Wojtasiński
Actors / models – Agnieszka Szulakowska’s Theater and Avi

Models / models – Prestige agency, Igo-Art, Mango Models, Grabowska Models, Reklamex
Designers – Anna Nowak-Curyło, Oliwia Jankowska, Aneta Łącka, Angelika Odżyńska,
Natasha Pavluchenko, Ewelina Sobolak, Anna Szczygieł, Mateusz Gurgul, Anna


Backstage – Tomek Gąsienica-Józkowy, Stefania Lazar Team
Hair – Maniewski Team / Farmagan with the help of students from ZDZ in Bielsko-Biała
Make up – Affect brand, with the help of ZDZ students in Bielsko-Biała

Driving – Conrado Moreno
Drawing exhibition:
Ewelina Kozak, Natasha Pavluchenko

Competition Jury:

Rafał Stanowski – chairman, Maria Cristina Rigano, Natasha Pavluchenko, Jagoda
Piątek-Włodarczyk, Sebastiano Giorgi, Adam Ruśniak, Wojtek Haratyk


Moda Efect Krawiecka Studio, Tundra, Gazzetta Italia, Art School

Of Fashion Design, Bielsko School of Industry

Organization of the Festival:

BIELSKIE CENTER OF CULTURE under the dir. Małgorzata Chełchowska-Rak
Creative / program director of the Festival: Natasha Pavluchenko
Municipal Office in Bielsko-Biała – Adam Ruśniak, Deputy Mayor of the City


with the team of the Department of Culture and Promotion: Przemysław Smyczek, Anna Zgierska,

Ewa Kozak, Zofia Obstarczyk

Natasha Pavluchenko Team: Natasha Pavluchenko, Dorota Szelengowicz,

Grzegorz Biesik

Press Spokesman, International Consultant – Michał Jedynak

The curator of the exhibition “Biała” – Iwona Purzycka
Polish Theater – Irena Świtalska
Coordination of the work of models – Edyta Dwornik

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