Enter the bat cave and feed dozens of fruit bats at The Green Planet!

Incredible new interactive wildlife experience is the first of its kind in the Middle East

Dubai, UAE– 29 April: The Green Planet Dubai is now offering visitors the extraordinary opportunity to feed bats in the region’s only immersive bat cave. 

A team member from The Green Planet will accompany intrepid visitors as they enter an atmospheric cave to feed dozens of bats that live inside. Hold your nerve as more than 65 Seba’s short-tailed fruit bats feast on a tasty platter of banana, protein, orange, tomato and cucumber. 

The furry bats are native to central and south America and are commonly found in dense forests. In Dubai there are four native species of bats, a mammal that is vital to ecosystems by managing pest populations and helping with seed dispersion.

Launching over the Eid break and available seven days a week, this unforgettable wildlife experience is priced at AED 30 per person and can be enjoyed by visitors of all ages. 

In addition to the bat feeding experience, visitors to The Green Planet bio-dome in City Walk can also enjoy a new fish feeding attraction. Priced at just AED 15 per person, visitors of all ages can serve a meal to fresh water river tank fish such as ripsaw catfish, red tailed catfish, and pacu, a cousin of the lethal piranha. 

Chickpeas, fruit and vegetables will be supplied in a box by a Green Planet guide for the fish feeding frenzy that is available on Saturday and Sundays throughout the day. 

As the Eid break approaches, take a walk on the wild side and try these exciting new experiences at The Green Planet, the beautiful tropical indoor rainforest spread over four levels near Downtown Dubai that’s filled with more than 3,000 plants and animals. 

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