Damas Jewellery Launches Qamar, A Celestial Wonder, and The Islamic Calendar & Timekeeper

Our latest jewellery edition takes inspiration from one of most fascinating celestial wonders, The Moon. Named Qamar to reflect the name of the glowing planet in Arabic, The motifs in these pieces are a manifestation of the undeniable charm of the moon, an entity which illuminates our nights and is one of the most powerful plants in our solar system controlling tides, rains, waters, and the seasons. The lunar energy has long been associated with an element of mystery and is a symbol of femininity, enlightenment, illumination & influence. It is also the timekeeper of the lunar Islamic calendar. Qamar or the moon is almost as old as earth it has been a cosmic witness to the momentous events down below on earth, a source of wonder through time for it holds secrets unknown to humanity. Qamar or the moon was the subject of one of prophet Muhammed PBUH most miraculous events when the moon was split in two so that each part shone on the side of Jabal Al Nour mountain in the holy region of Hejaz. Establishing the glowing planet as a proof of miraculous divinity, marvel worthy and a fabulous spectacle.The design of the pieces in Qamar reflects the cyclical patterns of the moon and is a nod to the kinetic jewellery as the pieces feature two interlaced adjacent panels in crescent shape that transform and move to reflect the phases of the moon, allowing for diversity of wearability and adding interest to the pieces in a testament to their superior craftsmanship and artistry. State-of-the-art mechanism and technology infused with authentic goldsmith craftsmanship.Using diamonds and gemstones to illustrate and bring the motifs to life. The pieces with the mother of pearl represent the cool glow and delicacy of the moon while the pieces with the lapis lazuli reflect the powerful mystery of the moon in the night sky. The diamond embellishments add glow and illumination to the pieces for a powerful effect. Qamar features, necklaces, earrings and bangles and makes for a perfect gift to those who bring light to your life as well as it does as a self-gift and a token reminder of our resilience, rebirth, hope & optimism through the different phases of life

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