Six lucky readers to fly to six exciting destinations with Rewayat and Emirates

Rewayat launches a summer reading campaign in partnership with Emirates, winners will have a chance to travel around the world following reviews of select Rewayat books

Rewayat, an imprint of Kalimat Group that publishes translated and Arabic literary works for adults, is motivating the UAE community to pick up a book and read during the holidays with the launch of the ‘Sayfak Rewaya’, a summer reading campaign that will enable six lucky book lovers to travel to six exciting destinations around the world.

Held in partnership with Emirates, the campaign provides an opportunity for participants to review books by six select authors whose titles are part of the Rewayat imprint and travel across the world to enjoy new cultures and experiences.

The 6-week campaign, which runs until mid-September, is aimed at encouraging community members to utilise their time during the summer vacation to read and learn. As part of the campaign, participants can submit a review for a selected Rewayat title and publish it on social media platforms as a video review of the chosen title.  

Six winners will receive two tickets each to travel to six countries based on their reviews of the select works published through Rewayat. 

The winning review of Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o’s Weep not Child will earn two flight tickets to Kenya; readers of Adam Zagajewski Poetry by poet Adam Zagajewski have the opportunity to win tickets for Poland; while reviewers of Burhan Sönmez’s Labyrinth will compete for tickets to Turkey. Prize-winning reviews of Doctor Glas by Hjalmar Soderberg, Orphic Paris by Henry Cole, and If Beale Street Could Talk by James Baldwin will take readers to Sweden, France, and the US, respectively.

Five gift bags of books every week

To further promote the habit of reading, Rewayat is also organising a weekly competition where participants can respond to questions posted on the entity’s Instagram account. Five winners with the right answers will receive a  bag of books every week during the competition.

Rewayat’s summer campaign is aligned with Sharjah and the UAE’s vision to nurture a culture of reading among community members and expand their knowledge.

Competitions are open until mid-September, and all winners of flight tickets will be announced at the end of the campaign. Complete information on the ‘Sayfak Rewaya’ campaign is available on Rewayat’s social media accounts.

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