The Miss Universe Bahrain organization led by Dubai-based Yugen Group of Companies announced the launch of the second edition of Miss Universe Bahrain through an eight-part digital series which will be airing at Miss Universe Bahrain’s official Youtube channel and Instagram account, and will be simultaneously broadcasted in several regional news platform’s social media channels from September 7 to 11.From last year’s debut at the Miss Universe pageant, Bahrain’s first-ever representative Manar Jess Deyani already made a huge impact in the pageant community by wearing a customized burkini during the swimwear competition of the 71 year old pageant – the first-ever in its history – gaining respect and admiration from fans of the show globally.This second edition, the Miss Universe Bahrain organization decided to launch an eight-part digital series, originally conceptualized and produced, to determine this year’s winner. Since opening the application in June 2022, the organization have received more than 300 online applicants and from there the organization trimmed down the girls to Top 15 via a series of online interviews and challenges, and from Top 15 the organization have selected Top 7 finalists who then compete as the official finalists of this year’s competition.“I am so happy and excited at the same time to continue the legacy of the Miss Universe Bahrain, which I have started. I can’t wait for you all to meet all empowering Bahraini women who represent the future of our generation. Our finalists are all accomplished women in their own rights, they have been a great example and a role model in their communities and I am sure they will be a wonderful spokesperson to the causes and advocacies that are timely and relevant to our modern society.” said Manar Jess Deyani, Miss Universe Bahrain 2021

The Top 7 finalists shot the eight-part series and have experienced several activities to further promote their advocacies and charitable missions such as visiting the official charity partner of Miss Universe Bahrain – Smile Train Dubai – the biggest cleft charity in the world. In one of the episodes, all finalists will also be seen doing training and seminar on how to care of their body – from hair care, skincare and general health and beauty care given by the experts working at the region’s leading health and grooming company MADI International with the support of Goldwell Middle East, Orly and Thalgo.

The finalists will also be seen visiting Dr. Nader Saab’s Clinic in Dubai where they consulted the celebrity doctor about the latest skin treatments and how to take care of their skin.“I am a firm believer of beauty from inside and out, and since I have been working in the beauty industry for most of my life, I can define beauty as being CONFIDENT. The moment you see a confident woman regardless of her physical structure or skin color, it is infectious and most of the time inspiring. This is what I see when I see the girls of Miss Universe Bahrain – they know who they are, they already have accomplished in their lives and they are absolutely beautiful inside out.” said Dr. Nader Saab, celebrity doctorOut of all the franchises of the Miss Universe in the world, Miss Universe Bahrain is the only edition where the finalist will not be seen in a bikini swimsuit and will not follow the traditional swimsuit competition round. Instead, the Miss Universe Bahrain organization has decided to introduce the ‘Luxury Modest Swimwear Segment’ in partnership with modest swimwear brand Lammode to promote body positivity among women, respect to the culture and tradition as well as giving the finalist options to wear anything that they are comfortable to wear in.“For me, this is what this show is all about – Celebration of individuality and freedom to choose especially on their clothing choices. I was very lucky to experience the Miss Universe pageant last year and I am so thankful to the whole team at Miss Universe because they are very sensitive and are all aware about culture and representation, so when I arrived there at the competition, they gave me an option to wear burkini during the swimwear competition round – which for me is so empowering as a lot of women can relate to that choice and statement I made the moment I stepped out of the stage.” said Manar Jess Deyani, Miss Universe Bahrain 2021

The second edition of Miss Universe Bahrain is presented by Yugen Group, co-presented by Madi International, with official hair partner – Goldwell, official nail partner – Orly, official skincare partner – Thailgo, official scent partner – Hydur, official luxury modest swimwear partner – Lammode, and supported by Prasana by Arjani Resort (official resort partner), Smile Train Dubai (official charity partner), Bolly.di (official digital media partner), Jeweltech (official crown partner), Iconic London (official makeup partner), Tour de Luxe (official travel partner), Amato Couture (official couture partner), The Luxury Blooms (official flower partner), Sumo Sushi & Bento (official F&B partner).On behalf of Miss Universe Bahrain organization, we are very honored to show our Top Finalist from the 300 women who auditioned down to Top 15 down to Top 7 that more than the physical beauty – it is our utmost goal to celebrate a platform that gives voice to the empowerment of women, to highlight their incredible and innovative contribution to our society and to inspire other women to break stereotypes not only in GCC but all throughout the world. These women are graced with passion, cocooned with courage and armored with their pursuit of love, sisterhood and kindness.

” I am extremely happy with the amount of support that we have received since the start of this project. We have been instrumental in telling the empowering and inspirational stories of women in Bahrain and the Gulf in general. I have been constantly telling the finalist that this is not just a competition of beauty but a platform to voice out their advocacies so more people can help each other and to share their stories to inspire others. I also remind them to be good role models to the young kids who will be looking up to them as their heroes.” Ian Borromeo, Co-founder of Yugen Group and Co-National Director of Miss Universe BahrainThe premier episode of Miss Universe Bahrain 2022 will air on September 7, and will continue uploading daily episodes from September 8, 9, and 10. The finale episode will  be airing on September 11, 2022 where they will announce the newest Miss Universe Bahrain 2022.

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