IXOS X-STREAM: New generation capsule interpreted by the ROS

Ixos special project presents the first drop with the complicity of the young Italian punk rock band

September 2022. IXOS X wears the ROS for the launch of the capsule IXOS X- STREAM, gender free and out of the box, where the search for authenticity blends with the spirit of the new generation.

“The Ros perfectly embody the mood of the Ixos X-Stream capsule, dressing it and making it vibrate on their enthralling sounds” explains Fabio Malloni, Creative Director Ixos.

The result follows the rhythm of a clever crossover, from rock to hip hop black to alternative, in an uninterrupted game of references and quotes: basic colors, essential lines, cuts are defined by sharp silhouettes and uncompromising lengths.

Natural textures – leather, cotton, denim – and street graphics alternate with a color block with over shades: from maxi shirt that becomes dress to leather perfecto, from knitwear in impalpable tulle to t-shirts manifesto through sweatshirts cropped and jackets in jeans, between screen printing and finishing with manual spray, in a mixtape of accessories with rubber coating in contrast with silver galvanic.

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