WON World of Niche Perfumes keep the great success at the FIFA World Cup Arena in Dubai Harbour

Also yesterday the Stunning arena of Dubai Harbour sponsorised by Budweiser and Adidas with the special sponsorship of WON PERFUMES was a blast success. Mr. Wassim Mandil on stage held the crowd in style being one of a kind MC.


Won Perfumes is been Organised to coincide with the launch of the World Cup, the WON prize campaign will run through until the end of 2023 making it the world’s longest and largest prize competition in the world. Anyone who takes part will have the opportunity to win luxury apartments, super-cars, gold bars, travel and tourism vouchers, as well as mobile phones, electronic games and other great prizes.

Mr. Ali Al Zaabi, CEO and specialist in the world of perfumes, stated that God Almighty has endowed us with a sense of smell that works to modify our moods and even push us to satisfaction and confidence in ourselves. He said: “Today is the culmination of years of hard work and now the world can see how we bring together the skills, precision and materials to create perfumes which are considered by experts to be masterpieces which will always stand the test of time.”


Mr. Abdulrahman bin Suleiman, Managing Partner at M Global Strategy, as he revealed some of the incredible luxury cars which are prizes in the competition, commented: “Everyone can be a winner with WON”. The goal is to have opportunities for everyone to win, with over thirty prizes on offer every week for fourteen months and even more during official holidays and important national occasions in the world. He also announced that every purchase would lead to a fixed donation to help the humanitarian programs of the United Nations, and Al Jalila Organization for Humanitarian Works.

Click the button here if you want to buy a voucher of Won Perfumes and participate to the one of a kind lucky draw.

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