Yanina Haute Couture AW 2015-2016

Modern Ladies visit Yanina for the same reason they went to Dior in the fifties – to gain a gorgeous dress wrapped in luxury and adoration. Founded in 1993 Yulia Yanina Fashion House is considered to be one of the most splendid and successful couture houses in Russia. All throughout the 20 years of its existence the fashion house, located in an old mansion in the centre of Moscow facing Red Square, is busy creating luxurious and elegant dresses for special occasions: evening and wedding dresses. 

For Autumn/Winter collection Yanina reveals traditional Russian folk art, the magic of the Russian national costumes, and the irreproachable mood of elegant silhouettes of the Haute Couture from the 1950’s. The dresses range from tiny lacy minis, as if crocheted by caring grandmother’s hands, to breathtaking long evening gowns made of silk taffeta, voile and velvet, each one of them is like a work of art. 

Small fitted jackets paired with tight pencil skirts reveal the grace and fragility of the female body. Over sized trapezoid coats, cashmere and velvet capes embellished with fur and embroidery are luxuriously cozy inviting one to wrap up in them and take in their wardrobe. New versions of sharks and turbans resembling tied shawls stylishly accessories these ensembles. 

The fabrics of the collection are predominantly delicate wool, cashmere and double-crepe costumes in a color palette of dusty rose mixed with hues of grey, black and ivory.

In this fairy-tale Yanina created, Phoenix birds fly and elegant swans spread their wings, beautiful angels are embroiled on the women’s dresses, calling its mistres and those around her for the joy of life! 

Presently the company employs 30 seamstress and 20 embroiderers. Part of the products are made in Italy. Fashion house produces custom-made products for a narrow circle of admirers of Haute Couture. 

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