Dream away at Ghantoot Marina & Resort

Dream away at Ghantoot Marina & Resort. Nestled in a calm natural environment, away from the city’s polluted air, Ghantoot Marina is an ideal destination to berth your boat in the UAE. This heaven of tranquility is only 20 minutes drive from Dubai and 40 minutes from Abu Dhabi.

Yachts and fashion

Yachts and fashion go together perfectly. The type of yachting trip also plays a role in clothing selection. Dressing for a yacht party is unlike dressing for any other type of event. While the desire to look chic remains the same, it takes some creative styling to ensure your ensemble works at sea as well as it works on land.

Boats and heels.. those two don’t mix. Leave the stilettos at the dock. While sky-high heels may make your legs looks fabulous, they’ll unfortunately destroy a deck.

An elegant flat sandal with a soft sole won’t mar the gleaming mahogany underfoot and you’ll be able to move around freely without the fear of a high-heel induced slip and fall.

Like so many other things, when you’re choosing an outfit it’s often the smallest details that make the biggest impression. A simple rule is to remember the less you’re wearing, the higher the quality each piece should be. The cocktail dress works when the situation is a bit more formal onboard. It’s both comfortable and attractive and fits well into any type of setting.

“No matter how you feel, get dress up & show!” (Regina Brett)



Fashion illustration by Linda Zoon


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